Washingtone Aura

IT and Computer Lab Assistant

Washingtone joined the organization in 2023 with great interest in guiding students to enhance their ICT and computer literacy.

Washingtone Aura was born and raised in Kakamega County, Western Kenya.  He schooled at Namasoli primary school later joined Namasoli secondary school in Kakamega county where he graduated in 2014. Washingtone joined Masinde Muliro University in 2015 to pursue Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and graduated in 2019.

While in the university, Washingtone started volunteering to train and teach computer studies to secondary school students in Kakamega county. He tutored and guided candidates towards their final KNEC examinations in Computer Studies and overall at large. Hence he became passionate to teach and interacting with kids and developed a powerful interest towards teaching and training.

In 2019 Washingtone joined Mudasa Academy in Vihiga and as a junior ICT teacher. He was in charge of IT resources and training kids IT skills. He later become Computer studies teacher and Technical support at the institution. Aura helped and guided candidates to create their database projects during their final year in secondary education. His candidates of 2020 and 2021 managed to secure clean grade A’s in their final exams. He helped the candidates to 100 % transition from secondary education to tertiary education. Washingtone then joined the International School to teach the (IGCSE) ICT Cambridge curriculum in 2021.

He joined KCA University as an intern in the distance learning department for 4 months in 2022.  During the internship period he was tasked to provide technical assistance to end users of the Learning Management System (Moodle). Washingtone was a great team player who was always willing to learn. He was dedicated to his work and demonstrated a high level of enthusiasm, professionalism and competence.

Washingtone Aura joined the NRCF organization in January 2023 as an IT And Computer Lab assistant. He showed great interest and passion towards teaching and guiding students. He helps students enhance and develop their ICT capability and computer literacy and skills.